Mayor: Mgr. Herbert Pavera
Deputy Mayor: Martin Bortlík

Area: 1320 ha
Population: 4341

Phone: +420 553 654 999
E-mail: bolatice@bolatice.cz

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Bolatice lies close to the Polish border. The ancient Silesian municipality situated in the south part of rolling hills of Hlučín is only 6 km northeast from Kravaře, located in the Silesian region. The municipality is surrounded by mountains, ranging from 271 meters to 304 meters above sea level. Extent fertile fields are encompassed by green treetops of the Chuchelenský forest, and forest Bažantice with predominately spruce and pine trees. The municipality covers an area of 132 ha and lies at an altitude of  260 meters. The lowest place in the municipality lies at an altitude of  240 meters. The lowest place is located south of the former sandpit, near the meeting point of Černý Creek and Opusty Creek.

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