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The Hlučín region has its own public transportation network that includes buses and trains.

Railway line no. 317 goes through the whole Hlučín region from the town of Hlučín to Opava. The railway track goes through Kozmice, Dolní Benešov, Zábřeh u Hlučína, Kravaře-Kouty, Kravaře in Silesia, Velké Hoštice, Malé Hoštice, Opava-bus stop. The line no. 318 which starts in Kravaře in Silesia connects Štepánkovce, Bolatice, and Chuchelná.

A short history of the railway network:
The railway line from Kravaře to Chuchelná was constructed as a part of a railway line from Opava to Ratiboř. In 1895 the railway line served as a connection between Prussia and Austria-Hungary. In February 1920, the Hlučín region joined the Czechoslovak Republic and the municipality Chuchelná became the last stop. The railway near the border remained closed after World War II. As a result, the most important railway line in the region has become Opava – Hlučín. Itʼs a former turning line from Kravaře to Hlučín. In addition, a new line Kravaře in Silesia to Chuchelná was added to the railway network.

Transportation company TQM Holdings Ltd., Connex Morava PLC. and a Public Transport Company Ostrava PLC secure bus transportation services in the region. The bus transportation services are a part of the integrated transportation network ODIS based on a common tariff, transportation terms and conditions, and they have common terms for creating transportation timetables.

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