Educational Route „Okolo Vřesiny“

Route: Vřesina na Opavsku
Length of the route: 15 km

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The educational route „Okolo Vřesiny“ is located in the Opava district, approximately 15 km northeast of Ostrava, near the municipality Vřesina. The educational route is suitable for adults and children as well. It leads through the Natural Reserve Dařenec, through oak forests in Poland, and though a beautiful alley of fruit trees. The route ends at a place called „Vodní dol“ located near a small well and a peat bog. You can admire several different varieties of orchids growing there, and in case youʼre lucky, you can spot a European badger as well.

More than 500 years old remnants of an oak tree called „Mechtildin dub“ can be seen there as well. There are many legends connected to the fallen oak tree. The oak is named after Machtilde Zinnenberg Lichnowsky, the great-granddaughter of Maria Theresa. An erratic boulder made of Swedish granite formed during the Quaternary glaciation is placed at the roots of the fallen tree has her name (Machtilde Zinnenberg Lichnowsky) carved in it.

There are also 6 big guide signs, 2 small guide signs, guideposts, and way markings. Tourists can relax on newly installed branches around the well. There are also new wooden stairs and a barrier railing.

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