Mayor: Mgr. Bohuslava Krupová
Deputy Mayor: Stanislav Boček

Area: 689 ha
Population: 1 684 (k 1.1.2022)

Phone: +420 595 031 069
E-mail: podatelna@obec-vresina.cz

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Vřesina lies close to the Hlučín municipality. Itʼs situated on the hillsides of the basin of Bečva Creek that flows through the rolling hills of Hlučín at the height of 240 and 276 m. It belongs to the Opava district, which is only 7 km far from Hlučín town, 13 km far from Ostrava-Poruby and 17 km far from the center of Ostrava. Itʼs one of the oldest municipalities in the Hlučín region.

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