Mayor: Petr Halfar
Deputy Mayor: Pavel Plachtzik

Area: 942,7 ha
Population: 682

Phone: +420 553 761 022
E-mail: starosta@obecsudice.cz

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Sudice is a municipality that lies in close proximity to the state border, on the south side of a picturesque valley of headland Sudice which is located northeast of the town Kravaře. The headland Sudice has an interesting shape, therefore you cannot overlook it even in the most detailed small scale maps. The municipality Sudice is surrounded by rolling hills of Hlučín. Sudice is located in an agricultural region that isnʼt burdened by industrial production, therefore the surrounding area is mostly fields. Cadaster of the municipality is 9,427 ha large. In 1933 a new border entrance was opened between Sudice – Pietraszyn. Itʼs of regional importance since it effectively connects Opava and Raciborze. It also plays an important role in tourism.

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