Mayor: Ing. Stanislav Lipinský
Deputy Mayor: Jan Čecháček

Area: 2166 ha
Population: 1563

Phone: +420 595 054 120
E-mail: urad@silherovice.cz

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Šilheřovice lies on the eastern edge of the Hlučín region near the Czech-Polish border. The municipality is situated in the rolling hills of Hlučín. On the west it borders with Hlučín and Darkovice, on the north with Hať, on the northeast with Polish municipalities Rudyszwald and Chalupki located behind the state border, on the east with Bohumín and the river Odra, on the southeast with city boroughs Antošovice, Koblov and Petřkovice in Ostrava, on the south near the Černý forest with Ludgeřovice and on the southeast with Markvartovice. The municipality is surrounded by a nature reserve named Černý les (eng. Black forest). In the middle of the English landscape park stands a castle built sometime between 1789 – 1815 during romanticism. The park is 98 ha large and it includes a golf course with 18 holes. A baroque Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary is situated on a hill near the municipality. It was built in 1713.

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