Mayor: Ing. Daniel Havlík
Deputy Mayor: Ing. Alena Janošová

Area: 1083 ha
Population: 4600

Phone: +420 595 052 578
E-mail: urad@ludgerovice.cz

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Ludgeřovice has 4,600 inhabitants and itʼs the biggest municipality in the Opava district and the fourth biggest municipality in the Czech Republic. It lies between Ostrava and Hlučín. The route from the center of Ludgeřovice to the center of Opava is 8 km long. The center of Ludgeřovice is only 4 km far from the center of Hlučín. The dominant feature of the town is a hundred-years-old big beautiful Catholic church. Itʼs a neogothic church, that was built in 1907 and it has a capacity of more than 2,000 people. Apart from regular church services, it hosts concerts of classical music. The area of Ludgeřovice is suitable for hiking and bicycle touring, mushroom hunting in local forest Ludgeřovský and forest Černý, as well as for fishing in local ponds. Visitors can enjoy well-preserved nature, relatively clean air and nice views on the landscape only a few kilometers far from the center of Ostrava.


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