Mayor: Mgr. Monika Brzesková
Deputy Mayor: Martin Schwarz

Area: 1937 ha
Population: 6785

Phone: +420 553 777 911
E-mail: posta@kravare.cz

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The town of Kravaře lies in the floodplains of the river Opava at an altitude of  237 meters. The Polish border is only 13 km south of the town and 9 km far from Opava. The road I/56 running through Kravaře connects Opava, Hlučín, and Ostrava. Thereʼs also a train station which is a part of the railway no. 317 transporting passengers in direction Opava – Kravaře – Hlučín, and the railway no. 318 transporting passengers from Kravaře to Chuchelná. The town has three city boroughs – Kravaře, Kouty, and Dvořisko. In 2002 after changes in state administration, Kravaře became a municipality with an extended scope of authority. Since then, it has administrated 9  other municipalities.

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