Mayor: Ing. Lukáš Kubný
Deputy Mayor: Pavel Drastik

Area: 1715 ha
Population: 3260

Phone: +420 553 777 201
E-mail: urad@koberice.cz

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Itʼs one of the oldest municipalities in the Opava district. Itʼs situated in the northeastern part of the Silesian region, approximately 15 km far from the town Opava. The municipality lies in the valley of the White Creek at an altitude of 251 meters. The northeastern part of the cadaster is partly a Polish border. At the beginning of  2000, the municipality had 3,224 inhabitants, 784 house numbers, 717 residential buildings, and 2 isolated farmhouses “Střední dvůr” and “Padělky”. Kobeřice covers an area of 1,700 ha and its land is mostly used for agricultural purposes. In 1962 a gypsum mine was opened in the northeastern part of the cadaster.

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