Mayor: Ing. Daniel Kocián
Deputy Mayor: Martin Mokrý

Area: 514 ha
Population: 1235

Phone: +420 595 051 105
E-mail: obecdarkovice@volny.cz

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The municipality Darkovice covers an area of 514 ha. It lies in a picturesque valley at an altitude of 250 meters. The highest point of the fort Orel provides a spectacular view to the northeast of Poland and the south side of the fort provides a panoramic view on the 5 km distant city of Hlučín. In case of good weather, visitors can observe the highest peaks of the Beskydy mountains. The first written evidence of the municipality dates back to 1250. The record written by Pope Innocent claims, that the Czech King Václav II. gave the municipality to a Cistercian monastery in Velehrad. In 1979 the municipality Darkovice and Hlučín merged for a short period of time. On 01.01.1991 Darkovice and Hlučín separated and became independent municipalities.

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