Mayor: Ing. Rudolf Sněhota
Deputy Mayor: Ing. Milan Nedvěd

Area: 767 ha
Population: 1285

Phone: +420 553 650 138
E-mail: obec@chuchelna.com

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Welcome to the Moravian-Silesian region. Itʼs located in the north, near the borders close to Hlučín. The first written record of the Chuchelná municipality dates back to 1349. The municipality has approx. 1,270 inhabitants. In the 17th century, the municipality became the main residence of the Czech aristocratic family Lichnowski. They had a noticeable impact on the prominence and the quality of life in the municipality. In 1952, their castle was turned into a rehabilitation center and the facilities of a former factory for linen processing has been turned into a business facility for PFPLASTY.CZ. Both companies provide employment for inhabitants of Chuchelná and inhabitants of the neighboring areas.

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