Chuchelenský forest

Route: Bolatice - Borová
Length of the route: 6 km

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The educational route in the forest was build in 2000 by the municipality Bolatice in cooperation with the government business enterprise Lesy ČR, Opava and the elementary school in Bolatice.

The first information and resting place „Pinkadélko“ was built in 2000 and in 2002 another one „Altán“ was added. Guide signs, boards with information about mammals in the area, as well as small signs with brief information about local plants were placed on the route in the same year. Signs with information about local bird species were installed in 2004.

The educational route starts and ends in the municipality Bolatice in Borová. The route forms a closed circle, itʼs approximately 6 km long and goes through Velký forest. Tourists can walk right through the forest and rest in two resting places, that can be found alongside the forest route. One of the resting places is located near the spring of Zbojníčka Creek. Direction signs with marked kilometers can be found along the whole educational route. The route includes around 30 information signs with descriptions of the forestʼs fauna and flora.

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