Mayor: Ing. Zuzana Kašná
Deputy Mayor: Ing. Veronika Königová

Area: 348 ha
Population: 1070

Phone: +420 553 764 560
E-mail: obec@chlebicov.cz

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A beautiful and modern village Chlebičov lies near Opava. The center of the municipality is in a gorge of Chlebič Creek at an altitude of  272 meters. The cadastre of the municipality covers an area of 362 ha and it had 1,138 inhabitants on 01.01.2016. A cycling route Opava runs through the municipality – Ratibórz and Chlebičov are the must-see places on the cycling route. The dominant feature of the municipality is a Chapel of the Virgin Mary's Rosary built in 1895 and an erratic boulder located near the chapel. Chlebičov has its own municipal authority, elementary school, kindergarten, community center, and a fire station. Visitors can enjoy delicious food in one of the restaurants and pubs or enjoy various outdoor activities.

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