Mayor: Pavel Dominik
Deputy Mayor: Ing. Pavel Staněk

Area: 1536 ha
Population: 1571

Phone: +420 553 659 075
E-mail: info@bohuslavice.eu

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The municipality has 1,600 inhabitants, and it is situated in the rolling hills of Hlučín. Itʼs 1,536 ha large, thus itʼs one of the biggest municipalities in the Hlučín region. The village Bohuslavice extends on both banks of Bohuslavice Creek from east to west for about 2,5 km. Up to 1 km on the north and east spruce, pine, and mixed forests surround the village. An area called “Bor” lies east of the village. The name of the area is derived from the trees growing there, called “borovice” (a pine tree).

When it comes to flora, the area has a few ancient oaks that are approximately 400 years old. Two of them can be found close to the curve of a closed road to Dolní Benešov called “U tří dubů” (eng. At the three oaks). It seems that three oaks grew there in the past. A one much older oak grows near the forest north of the village. It is called “Oak of Struhal”. Mr. Struhal owned the surrounding fields in the past. The forest surrounding the area is a great place for a walk and cycling on a newly constructed cycling route.


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