Mayor: Mgr. Pavel Paschek
Deputy Mayor: Mgr. Petra Řezáčová

Area: 2114 ha
Population: 14528

Phone: +420 595 020 211
E-mail: podatelna@hlucin.cz

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The town of Hlučín lies at the foothills of Hlučín and floodplains of the river Opava. Its importance for regional tourism…

The beauty of unspoiled nature, as well as historical monuments and various free-time activities in the Hlučín municipality play an important part in regional tourism. The city is one of the natural centers of the former Opava district. This medium-sized town has almost 15,000 inhabitants. Hlučín was merged with other smaller municipalities many times in the past. Nowadays, the city of Hlučín has its own city boroughs named Bobrovníky and Darkovičky. It is situated close to the route connecting Ostrava and Opava and it lies near the state border. Its location guarantees an easy interaction with surrounding regions and neighboring states (mainly the Republic of Poland and the Slovak Republic).

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